Step 1

Register and top up your balance


Step 2

Select the country and site (service)


Step 3

Select a rental period and activate the number.


Step 4

Take a text message to the given number.

Number rental
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Choose a rental term
Choose a rental term
To see all available sites and services for registration, select a rental term and you will see all available services.

Rent of temporary numbers for receiving SMS messages.

Our temporary numbers are ideal for private registration on various sites, services, and applications.

  • Online phone numbers from 32 countries.
  • For a rental period of up to 3 months.
  • With extension options.

What is long-term rental of a temporary number?

This is an online number that can be used without a SIM card and, in our case, it is a number that is only on our SMS activation service and can only receive incoming messages. You receive a virtual number with a selected rental period of 1 day with the possibility of further extension.

How much does a phone number for rent cost?

To find out the price of a virtual number, select the desired country of the number (for example, Russia) and select the period for which you need a disposable number for SMS. In the list, you will see the names of sites and the price for numbers for receiving SMS for a specific site. You will see a list of sites for receiving SMS and the price.

If you have not found your site, then use the โ€œNot in the listโ€ menu item to receive SMS. Numbers from the โ€œFull Rentโ€ menu item can receive SMS from any site, even those that are on the list.

The longer the period, the lower the price of a number per day.

How to buy a number to receive SMS online?

For example, you want to create a second Telegram account for business.

  • Register on our website and top up your balance.
  • Select the country of the number, the rental period is 1 day, and after that - the Telegram website.
  • Insert the received number into the Telegram registration form to receive an SMS with a registration code.
  • You receive a verification code, copy the confirmation code and use it to complete account verification.

Important! You will only be able to receive SMS for the service for which you are renting a number. You will not receive SMS if you choose numbers for Telegram and register an account in Vk.com. In addition to the menu item "Full rental".

What sites can I not receive SMS from?

From payment systems, mobile operators, credit organizations, PBX, virtual telephony services, Whoosh, Pandao.

Attention! We have a strict policy to combat the use of virtual numbers for illegal purposes. We strongly do not recommend using our numbers for such purposes.

What should I do if I cannot receive SMS?

SMS arrive within a minute from the moment of sending. In most cases, this process is carried out instantly. If the SMS does not arrive after 2 minutes, you can cancel the phone number for free. Afterwards, the funds will be returned to your balance, and you can order a new virtual number.

Will someone have access to my number after the lease ends?

Our service pays special attention to security issues. A virtual number for receiving SMS can only be sold once. After this, it is excluded from the database.

It is important to know. The numbers are connected to mobile operators; they reissue SIM cards 2-3 months after the number is inactive when selling SIM cards to their customers. Therefore, we recommend setting a cloud password (as in Telegram/WhatsApp, for example), not linking payment methods, and not storing important data on your account.